CCIT Journal 2019-11-05T07:33:54+00:00 Dewi Immaniar Open Journal Systems <p><strong>CCIT (Creative Communication and Innovative Technology) Journal</strong>&nbsp;adalah jurnal ilmiah yang diterbitkan oleh&nbsp;<strong>Universitas Raharja</strong>. CCIT terbit dua kali dalam satu tahun, Setiap Bulan Februari dan Agustus.</p> <p><span id="result_box" class="" lang="id"><strong>CCIT (Creative Communication and Innovative Technology) Journal</strong>&nbsp;menerima artikel ilmiah&nbsp;<span class="">yang belum</span>&nbsp;pernah&nbsp;<span class="">dipublikasikan sebelumnya</span>&nbsp;<span class="">dari akademisi</span>, peneliti dan praktisi.&nbsp;<span class="">Tulisan yang</span>&nbsp;kami terima akan&nbsp;<span class="">di</span><span class="">proses review untuk memilih tulisan yang baik</span>.</span></p> <p align="justify">Untuk meningkatkan kualitas dan kuantitas publikasi,&nbsp;<strong>Universitas Raharja</strong>&nbsp;menjadi anggota&nbsp;<em>Cooperation Computer Research Inter University</em>&nbsp;(<strong>CORIS</strong>) untuk bersama-sama melakukan pertukaran paper untuk publikasi<strong>.</strong>&nbsp;<strong>CORIS</strong>&nbsp;adalah perkumpulan beberapa Perguruan Tinggi Swasta yang sepakat atau berkomitmen bekerja sama dalam penerbitan jurnal, seminar dan juga kegiatan-kegiatan penelitian.&nbsp;<strong>CORIS</strong>&nbsp;berdiri pada akhir tahun 2013&nbsp;oleh&nbsp;Bpk Dr. Ir. Djoko Soetarno. Adapun jurnal yang tergabung dalam CORIS adalah:</p> <p align="justify"><img src="/public/site/images/ejournalraharja/2019-10-15.png" align="center"></p> <p align="justify"><strong>IndoCEISS&nbsp;</strong><em>(</em>&nbsp;<em>Indonesian Computer, Electronics and Instrumentation Support Society )&nbsp;</em>merupakan wadah bagi para ilmuwan, praktisi dan pendidik dan penggemar dalam bidang komputer, elektronika, instrumentasi yang menaruh minat untuk memajukan bidang tersebut di Indonesia.&nbsp;<strong>CORIS&nbsp;</strong>sudah melakukan kesepakatan dan bekerja sama dengan IndoCEISS sejak tahun 2013&nbsp;untuk meningkatkan kualitas dan kuantitas publikasi jurnal yang bekerja sama dengan&nbsp;<strong>CORIS</strong>.</p> <p align="justify">&nbsp;</p> <p align="justify"><span id="result_box" class="" lang="id"><strong>CCIT (Creative Communication and Innovative Technology) Journal</strong>&nbsp;</span>diterbitkan dalam bentuk media&nbsp;<em>online</em>&nbsp;ISSN :&nbsp;<strong>2655-4275,</strong>&nbsp;mulai&nbsp;<strong>edisi Vol. 12, No. 1, Februari 2019</strong>.</p> <p align="justify">&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>CCIT Journal&nbsp;</strong>terindex di:</p> <p><img src="/public/site/images/ejournalraharja/sinta_42.png" height="100px">&nbsp; <img src="/public/site/images/ejournalraharja/garuda.png"></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Model Knowledge Management System Konseling Mahasiswa Berbasis Cloud Computing 2019-11-05T04:39:00+00:00 H. Abdul Hamid Arribathi Dedeh Supriyanti Lusyani Sunarya <p><em>Information technology is increasingly developing and has a positive impact on the world of education. The implementation of student counseling with a Knowledge Management System is one of the contributions of information technology in the world of education. Many benefits provided by the Student Counseling Knowledge Management System, in managing the knowledge needed by the counselor section to document student consultations. The development and implementation of a KMS counseling system costs more to employ professional staff to maintain and improve; KMS student counseling application; For this reason, it is necessary to design a Cloud Computing-based Student Counseling Knowledge Management System. The research method carried out in the first stage is to collect data and information about Knowledge Management and Student Counseling, and how to use it to create a Knowledge Management System Application, Student Counseling Based on cloud computing. Furthermore, conducting a literature study and literature review, system design is in the form of data architecture compounding, process design, network design, and user interface design. The design results of this system can facilitate educational institutions in conducting online cloud computing-based student counseling</em></p> 2019-08-19T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Video Profile Sebagai Media Penunjang Promosi Pada Sdk Penabur Gading Serpong 2019-11-05T04:51:41+00:00 Dewi Immaniar Desrianti Giandari Maulani Dana Krisdiana <p><em>The tight competition between schools in the era of globalization today, requires that the school Ivory Serpong Sower SDK to do the marketing strategy as attractive as possible, in order to enhance the new prospective learner interests as well as improve the quality of and professionalism in the management of the school. It is a promotional effort is used to market products or services to the public, so that they are more familiar with or know the product or service being marketed. Current media information and promotions that use the SDK Sower Ivory Serpong still be printed in the form of banners, brochures and more, so there are still many who have not yet learned about SDK Sower Gading Serpong. The purpose of this research is to inform and promote school SDK Sower Ivory Serpong. Based on a needs analysis is required of media promotion in the form of a video profile, to support information and promotion more attractive and effective by using the software Adobe Premier and Adobe Photoshop. Research methods used namely collecting data through observation, interviews and literature studies, Media Production and concept i.e. preproduction, production and postproduction. Through the design of Video media Profile of this SDK Sower Ivory Serpong can better known to many people and attracting parents to enroll his son in schools – SDK Sower Ivory Serpong</em></p> 2019-08-19T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Perbandingan Algoritma A* Dengan Algoritma Greedy Pada Penentuan Routing Jaringan 2019-11-05T05:02:35+00:00 Lukman Lukman Rahmat Hidayat Muhammad Fachrul Risqi Pribadi <p><em>The increasing development of the Internet today is in line with the complexity of on line on the internet. So the Network flow optimization became the main problems related to the election of the shortest route (routing protocol).&nbsp; Focus on research is to find out and compare the process with the shortest route in the search algorithm is Greedy algorithm and A * in order to reduce the workload of the network.&nbsp; Model comparison algorithm that is done is look at the workings of each algorithm against the determination of the routing path from the sender to the receiver. On the basis of the implementation of the experiment it was found that the algorithm a * greedy algorithm finds its way with the same. but it is clear for the a * would be more effective if applied on a broad network as well as complicated. Because the calculation uses a * definite while greedy simply looked at what is the most short front side towards the next node that was selected when the end result can be greater than the calculation of a</em></p> 2019-08-19T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Implementasi Algoritma Dijkstra Pada Game Pacman 2019-11-05T05:12:22+00:00 Anggit Dwi Hartanto Aji Surya Mandala Dimas Rio P.L. Sidiq Aminudin Andika Yudirianto <p><em>Pacman is one of the labyrinth-shaped games where this game has used artificial intelligence, artificial intelligence is composed of several algorithms that are inserted in the program and Implementation of the </em><em>dijkstra</em> <em>algorithm as a method of solving problems that is a minimum route problem on ghost pacman, where ghost plays a role chase player.</em><em> The </em><em>dijkstra</em> <em>algorithm uses a principle similar to the greedy algorithm where it starts from the first point and the next point is connected to get to the destination, how to compare numbers starting from the starting point and then see the next node if connected then matches one path with the path).</em><em> From the results of the testing phase, it was found that the </em><em>dijkstra</em> <em>algorithm is quite good at solving the minimum route solution to pursue the player, namely by getting a value of 13 according to manual calculations</em></p> 2019-08-19T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Deteksi Tingkat Kesegaran Daging Ayam Menggunakan K-Nearest Neighbor 2019-11-05T05:19:05+00:00 Irfan Purwanto M. Afriansyah Kusrini Kusrini <p><em>The high demand for meat and the limited availability of meat on the market, make the price of meat become expensive and more and more traders are mixing rotten meat into fresh meat. To avoid risk, the public as consumers must be aware and know the characteristics of rotten meat and the difference with fresh meat. This study developed a fresh meat detection device using the TCS-230 RGB color sensor. The tool works by measuring the composition of RGB colors in identified meat and comparing with the reference composition of fresh meat RGB color. K-Neirest Neighbor as a method for introducing the freshness of chicken meat tested. The input used in the K-Neirest Neighbor is in the form of RGB color values ​​obtained from the color sensor.In this study, meat freshness was tested using TCS-230 color sensor with an accuracy rate of 87% with a positive precision of 92% and negative precision of 67%</em></p> 2019-08-19T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Pengembangan Alat Pengenalan Bentuk Bangun Geometri Untuk Anak Usia Dini Berbasis Mikrokontroler 2019-11-05T05:26:45+00:00 Mochamad Fajar Wicaksono Muammar Qhadafhi <p><em>The purpose of this study is to design geometry learning media for early childhood. The tool designed is an interactive introduction tool, so it is hoped can attract early childhood children to learn to recognize and remember geometric patterns. The main brain of the system created is Arduino Mega with microcontroller ATMega2560. The tool created has two modes, namely learning mode and question mode. In learning mode, early childhood can insert geometry objects into the tool, then the tool will provide a description of the image on the LCD and the sound associated with the object entered. In question mode, early childhood will be challenged to enter the geometry objects into the tool according to the question, then the tool will determine whether the geometry entered is correct or false. This learning media is expected to help early childhood to be able to recognize and remember every form of geometry, where b</em><em>ased on the results of the test, the selection mode on the tool was 100% successful, the process in the learning mode and the question mode had a success rate of more than 80%.</em></p> 2019-08-19T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Pemanfaatan Sistem Cloud Accounting untuk Training Online WBAS Jurusan Akuntansi Pada Universitas Raharja 2019-11-05T05:35:44+00:00 Qurotul Aini Alwiyah Alwiyah Cheetah Savana Putri <p><em>The progress of globalization that is applying technology and information is very rapid, encouraging various educational institutions and agencies to be able to utilize online training systems to increase flexibility and effectiveness in conducting training / training / learning processes, especially in distance education. In terms of this training, it is felt that now it has to follow the times. In terms of making it easier for students to take part in training and facilitate trainers to manage the results of the training that has been carried out by the training participants. However, in some educational institutions and agencies there is still no online training system. This will cause 3 (three) problems, namely: Training still uses conventional methods, educational institutions do not provide open source software, long queues. In preventing the above problems, it is necessary to use online training using software which will make it easier for students to carry out the training. These problems are the background for the establishment of a system of utilization of cloud accounting for online Web-Based Accounting System (WBAS) training with the aim of facilitating training participants and students in conducting online training expected to improve the quality of education for accounting students and trainees to be able to be more effective and flexible in training. In the utilization of Cloud Accounting, it is expected to be able to become a system as a storage of accounting with online or online media making it easier for students and trainees to carry out accounting training online</em></p> 2019-08-19T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Implementasi Semantic Web Rule Language dalam Pemberian Rekomendasi Nutrisi Berbasis Ontologi 2019-11-05T05:46:56+00:00 Dirko G. S. Ruindungan Christopel H. Simanjuntak <p><em>The recommendations or guidelines about nutrition are available from a various distinct source on the internet. On the other hand, nutritional information needed by each person is different according to physical condition or personal preferences of each individual. This becomes a bit complicated because every information provider on the internet has a different understanding in giving foodstuff references to certain nutrients. In this study, an ontology in nutrition domain knowledge was used. The ontology represents explicit specification of pregnancy nutrition domain knowledge. The ontology constructed consists of three basic concepts that is Person, Maternal Condition and PrenNutriFood. To support the provision of nutritional recommendation, three definitions were added to ontology that is determining energy estimates per day, determining the percentage of daily value (DV) of food ingredients and determining the claims of nutrient content in foodstuff. In this study, we implemented the Semantic Web Rule Language to formalize those definitions. Inference from each rule is generated through Pellet as an inference engine. Ontology has been successfully managed with rules and finally produce new knowledge containing the recommendations. The results of inference indicate the expansion of knowledge in ontology</em></p> 2019-08-19T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Analisis Kompleksitas Algoritma Filter IRR Shen-Castan untuk Deteksi Tepi pada Citra Digital 2019-11-05T05:59:12+00:00 Dewi Anggraini Puspa Hapsari Widya Khafa Nofa Sugeng Santoso <p><em>This study aims to measurethe level of complexity of a Shen-Castan IIR filter algorithm for edge detection in digital images based on time complexity and space complexity. This analysis is very helpful when going to do an algorithm optimization and data structure that will be used in a system. Time complexity states how long an algorithm runs at runtime based on the input given. While space complexity states how much space in memory an algorithm needs when operating. The calculation of time complexity and space complexity is denoted by Big-O notation. From the results of time complexity calculations obtained if the Shen-Castan IIR filter algorithm has the complexity of the O (n) algorithm and requires space complexity O (n) where the algorithm will need at least N units of space in memory and depends on the length of the array.</em></p> 2019-08-19T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Sistem Pembuangan Sampah Otomatis Berbasis IOT Menggunakan Mikrokontroler pada SMAN 14 Kab.Tangerang 2019-11-05T06:05:53+00:00 Hani Dewi Ariessanti Martono Martono Joko Widiarto <p><em>The use of automation in the control system as a means of efficiency of work has been commonly used and is a mechanism that runs automatically using a continuous media controller as instructed. At SMAN 14 Kab. Tangerang in order to improve the adiwiyata program must have a clean and well-run environment, but in the case of a garbage disposal system there are still shortcomings, namely the absence of information to school cleaners when the trash can is full so that the waste piles up, still using conventional methods of waste removal to the shelter. As well as a lack of information to the garbage truck officers who come so that the garbage piles up. With this research, an automatic waste disposal system was created which was intended as a tool to help work and provide hygiene information. The tool to be made consists of ultrasonic sensors and Wemos D1. Where the Ultrasonic sensor will provide volume information on the trash to Wemos D1 that is connected to Adafruit, if it is full Wemos D1 the shelter will retrieve data using the MQTT method. Next will take action to deliver the shelter to a full trash can through a linear actuator for disposal. By making this research can produce a tool with a control system automatically that helps human work as well as notifications regarding the capacity of the shelter and trash</em></p> 2019-08-19T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement## Aplikasi Mobile Absensi Karyawan Dan Pengajuan Cuti Berbasis GPS 2019-11-05T06:13:52+00:00 Po Abas Sunarya Erick Febriyanto Jenny Januarini <p><em>The use of information technology has become a very influential factor in the company. Information technology is now in the direction of mobile smart devices (mobile / smartphones). One application of information and communication technology used is the development of employee attendance systems by utilizing GPS (Global Positioning System) which is associated with the filing function of employee leave. Employee attendance includes hours of entry and completion of work, while leave includes maternity leave, sick leave, annual leave, and leave for important reasons. The employee attendance and leave application development uses Android operating system based programming used in smartphones. By using the SWOT analysis method (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Threat) the problems that occur in the existing system are procedures for approval of attendance and leave which are still carried out outside the existing system. So it still has to ask for verbal approval to the boss after input leave in the system. The alternative problem solving provided aims to maximize the functions of the existing system in order to accommodate the needs of the employee leave procedure. This development aims to make it easier for employees, superiors, and the human resources department to submit, approve and check employee absences and leave</em></p> 2019-08-19T00:00:00+00:00 ##submission.copyrightStatement##