Performance Analysis of Tree-Based Algorithms in Predicting Employee Attrition

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Musthofa Galih Pradana I Wayan Rangga Pinastawa Nurhuda Maulana Wahit Desta Prastowo


Based on data throughout 2022, there have been many reductions in employees both globally and Indonesia. The reduction was made due to adjustments with developments to keep the business afloat in increasingly fierce competition. However, reducing the number of employees is not an easy decision to make. This decision can have an impact on many aspects of the development and course of a business or company. To make a decision especially related to the aspect of termination of employment, it is necessary to consider carefully and thoroughly. Assessment and decision-making cannot be based on just one aspect, other aspects need to be seen to be taken into consideration. Additional aspects that can be selected to strengthen decision-making can be taken from the data. Data will not have any value without processing it with various approaches, one of which is the prediction process. Starting from the data, the prediction results will be more appropriate to make a decision. This study made a comparison of 3 decision tree algorithms, and produced a comparison of the three methods in terms of accuracy. The results of this study are the best accuracy for each algorithm C.45 = 83.44; Random Forests = 85.85; LMT = 88.29 with a linear precision value, and the best algorithm model with the highest accuracy is the Logistic Model Tree (LMT) algorithm.


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M. Pradana, I. Rangga Pinastawa, N. Maulana, and W. Prastowo, “Performance Analysis of Tree-Based Algorithms in Predicting Employee Attrition”, CCIT (Creative Communication and Innovative Technology) Journal, vol. 16, no. 2, pp. 220-232, Jul. 2023.