Penerapan Teknologi Computer Generated Imagery Pada Visual Effect Film

  • Dewi Immaniar STMIK Raharja
  • Lusyani Sunarya STMIK Raharja
  • Muhammad Alfian STMIK Raharja


In modern times such as this, the world of entertainment, especially in the film really enjoy doing.
Various types of films emerging and very interesting to watch. In the modern era of
telecommunications today, technology is very influential. Mainly in the manufacture of various
films. Start of animas to fiction films. At that moment the application of multimedia technology of
computer generated imagery is needed, to make a movie that the film will be alive and visible. In
the filming of Transformers lot of computer generated imagery using this technology, because of
the effects of a car that turns into a robot is not possible using the manual method such as dressing
sets per set of movie. Therefore Computer Generated Imagery is used this technology. In the
atmosphere of the original, just needed the room with the green screen background and then will
be processed into a computer and software specifications are quite high. Starting from the effects
of flying to the moon, meteor fall, the transformation changes the shape and use CGI effects,
because otherwise the result would not be perfect. Thus the CGI technology is not only used in the
Transformers movie pebuatan alone, but also on the making of the film to make it look more
stunning and cool.

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